The history of our company begins in 1998. Then the workshop was on the way to St. Petersburg, as it was customary to say "under the lever" or "next to the cold store". Later, we operated in the same territory in the courtyard on the second floor.
Now we have moved to a new place at Lennujaama tee 5, where we have a decent workshop to "revive" several machines at once.
We have improved the quality of our service throughout our existence.
We have expanded our spare parts warehouse, offering new services such as equipment removal and installation, and car electrical work.
We develop, learn and keep up to date with all the current developments and innovations in the global automotive industry, generally "keeping our hands on the pulse."
We are the first workshop in Estonia to use a special device for testing voltage regulating alternators using COM protocols BSD (Bit Serial Device), BSS (Bit Synchronized Signal) and LIN (Local Connocet Network).
But at the same time, with the greatest pleasure and diligence, we restore and bring to life the alternators and starters of cars manufactured in the 1940s and 1950s.

If you choose KANEL OÜ as a partner, you will definitely not lose in quality, but you will save time and money.
It's no secret that the repair price in car dealerships can many times exceed the actual repair price of a starter or alternator. In most cases, you will be offered a replacement of the unit / unit, not a repair, and the original unit will be replaced with a category B unit. Most Category B aggregates are not exact copies of the originals, but only externally similar clones.
The choice, of course, is yours to make! Therefore, it is the optimal choice to contact the workshop KANEL, which specializes in the repair of alternators and starters, where all the necessary components are available on site for fast, high-quality and affordable repairs. Spare parts from top manufacturers and modern diagnostic tools and the experience of craftsmen allow us to quickly and well repair your broken equipment. In only about 3% of cases is repair not economically viable.
In this case, we will offer you a refurbished original of the desired device / unit, the original or at least an equivalent category B device, the long-term work of which we ourselves believe in experience.
At the customer's request, if ordering original spare parts takes a lot of time or due to the price it is not practical to use new parts, we offer the opportunity to choose repaired, but completely reliable, spare parts such as stator, rotor, housings, etc.).

Such a need may also arise when spare parts for an old device are no longer sold or, conversely, spare parts for a relatively new device are not yet sold at retail.